Деми Мур има ќилим од крај до крај во бањата – мислењата поделени

Замислете бања со кауч и статуа во неа… Деми Мур има токму таква, но твитерџиите најмногу ги инспирираше кафеавиот ќилим кој се протега од крај до крај.


Деми Мур пред некое време објави фотографии на кои покажа како ѝ изгледа еден работен ден кога работи на сценарио. Но, она што им го привлече вниманието на фановите беше кафеавиот ќилим во нејзината бања кој се протега од крај до крај.

Покрај ќилимот, таа ги изненади сите со комплетно неконвеционалното уредување, па во тоалетот имаше и кауч и статуа и низа други чудни детали.


57-годишната актерка очигледно има специфичен вкус.

Фотки од нејзиното семејство во бањата:

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Hey buds, something came to my attention today that sparked some deeper thought and reflection. Someone wrote me a pointed comment mocking my public acknowledgment of my diagnosis of body dysmorphia disorder (BDD) because I posted a photo of my body. Granted the tone to which I portray myself on this digital universe is typically one of confidence, self-love, and acceptance of the space I take up in this world, but truthfully I am plagued daily by my disorder. If anything my public tone is a coping mechanism to keep my head above water and not succumbing in totality to internal annihilation. My whole life my body has acted as a prison, and I am constantly hoping for my release. BDD is defined as a distinct mental disorder in which a person is preoccupied with an imagined physical defect or a minor defect that others often cannot see. Personally, the injury to my value system wherein which physicality holds such prominence is something I am incredibly embarrassed by, but I am working on with immense dedication to shift my limited thinking. The misconception that vanity comes into play is something that strikes a deep chord for me. Insecurities and finding tools to build self esteem are universal, however with BDD it is not ‘do I look good’ but rather the certainty that I will not survive because of this thing that is perceived as wrong. I do not write this for sympathy or fishing for kind words, I know what I am doing each time I post on here and the visibility I am agreeing to, but I just ask that anyone who reads this to allow the reality that because I am progressing does not mean that the wound is stitched up. To my fellows here who share this pain, I see you I love you and please do not feel the need to minimize what you feel. So bless this girl who for 5 minutes yesterday was sorta kinda feelin herself. 🙃

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