На 70 години ослабела 30 килограми и станала фитнес инфлуенсерка (фото)

Џоан Мекдоналд од Канада има 74 години и колку што е физички активна, толку е и активна на Инстаграм како инфлуенсерка.


Со полни 70 години Џоан била незадоволна од својот живот. Имала вишок килограми, речиси 90, била на апчиња за висок крвен притисок и се борела со сериозен артритис.

Поради тоа решила дека е време за промена. Почнала да вежба и јадела 5 здрави оброци дневно, додека не се довела во форма од 60 килограми.

Промената почнала со помош на нејзината ќерка Мишел, која е кондиционен тренер, и ѝ препорачала тренинзите да ѝ се состојкат од:

  • 4 пати неделно тренинг за издржливост,
  • Еднаш неделно јога,
  • 3-4 пати неделно кардио или возење велосипед околу 40 минути.

Сега гордо води свој Инстаграм профил и ги инспирира жените во подоцнежни години, кои можеби некаде попатно во животот се откажале од негата и грижата за себе:

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Here are my simple tips on starting out with macro-based, balanced nutrition. 1. Use an app like @my.macros and set up a custom food list with everything in grams for the typical foods you eat. All the information for food you can find on google. 2. Track your macros for a week to see what your average calories are, and what your average macros are. They will probably be all over the place but it wil be a start. 3. Create your own macros plan by simply taking the total number of calories you typically already eat, and divide them up evenly: 40% carbs, 30% protein and 30% fat. If you are trying to lose weight and you are very big (more than 20% body weight to lose), have more protein and less carbs. If you are quite lean already, increase the carbs to 50% and bring the fat down to 20%. These are just VERY general guidelines. You should also do some daily exercise like walking steps. These can be tracked with a fitbit watch or an iPhone watch. My coach also recommends gals train with weights at least 4 x week for an hour per session. This will help you save muscle while you lose body fat. 💪 Split your meals up into 5 balanced meals per day, with the same macro split for each. Have more starch in the morning and before and after you train with weights. Make sure to eat plenty of fresh vegetables and a little fruit every day. Chose quality Whole Foods as often as you can, and work in a few treats. You shouldn’t feel like you’re dieting if you take the time to build delicious meals following your macros. 💕💕 I eat out a fair bit too, like in this picture. I’m having ceviche with tortilla chips at @ahautulum . I have it a lot so I created a recipe for it in the @my.macros app and i also portion out 8 chips too. Honestly it is just so easy to eat this way. There are no off-limit foods, I can easily socialize and I look forward to all of my meals. I hope this helps a little. With love Joan 💕

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A few of us gals have gotten together to help spread a positive message out there about the wide variety of shapes, ages, sizes and ethnicities showing what an athlete is ! 🏆🏆 This is what an athlete looks like: different shapes, different styles, and different stories from all around the world. Because health and fitness isn’t one size fits all — but it certainly is one incredible way to feel amazing. 🙌🏻🙌🏻 Today, we’d love to challenge you to show us your sweaty glow-up, your workout, your cool down. Take a snap and share it with #ImAnAthlete. If you’re feeling extra wild, go ahead and tag us and @womensbest We are ready to cheer you on. 🎉🎉🎊🎊🧸🧸 Here’s who’s involved: Me! 🙋🏼‍♀️- A woman redefining our understanding of health and age, showing that you can’t turn back the clock but you can wind it up again. @Qui2health – A mental and physical transformer @Bethyred – A plus-sized fitness advocate who rocks HIIT workouts @Showtimewerner – A Special Olympics National Championship winner and 2x world champion gymnast @sfm_fitness – A personal trainer and incredible fitness mama @charli_kate – A 4’2’’ Dwarfism advocate and positive self-talk junkie @danaemercer – A health journalist focused on making folks feel normal We are so glad you’re here! 💛🧡💚 #ImAnAthlete #womensbestwear #womensbest #gracias

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